Holiday dialysis

Dialysis patients can go on holiday, just like everyone else. It takes some careful planning, but once you’re prepared you can enjoy a break with an easy mind. Whether you’re here on holiday, for your work, or on a family visit, you’re more than welcome to make use of the kidney dialysis facilities at our dialysis centres in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Are you looking for a dialysis centre because you need temporary dialysis? We offer haemodialysis treatment at our centres in Utrecht Lunetten and at the Amsterdam AMC. Your treatment is given in a department that offers every convenience:

  • Comfortable dialysis stations
  • Free WiFi
  • TV and radio
  • A large range of newspapers and magazines

Easily accessible

Our centres are easily accessible by car and public transport. For detailed directions, please consult our locations.

Short-stay dialysis tariff

Are you in the Utrecht or Amsterdam area for work or a holiday, and interested in dialysis in one of Dianet’s centres? You are most welcome. The treatment costs are given in our 2019 short-stay tariff guide.

Holiday Tips

  • The Kidney Patient Association (Nierpatiëntenvereniging) provides information and tips on holiday dialysis as well as an overview of holiday addresses and dialysis centres in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • The Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting) publishes an annual holiday guide listing holiday options in the Netherlands and Europe. They also organize group trips for which dialysis facilities are arranged.

Dianet works together with the following organizations to provide on-holiday dialysis facilities:

Afbeelding vakantiedialyse campingboerderij De Bourgondiër
On-holiday dialysis at farm camp site De Boergondiër
Afbeelding vakantiedialyse campingboerderij De Bourgondiër
Hotel room and dialysis station at De Boergondiër

More information

If you have any questions about holiday dialysis, call +31-(0)30-8808888 (the Utrecht service desk) or send an email to

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